The Charango

This project is named after the Charango. In Buenos Aires, the home town of D.J., Gocharan is colloquial for Charango. The Charango is a small 5-string guitar. It is the national Instrument of Bolivia but also well known in the north of Argentina, in Chile and Peru. It originates in the "Viguena de mano", a spanish plucked string instrument which was brought to South America by the conquerors. There, it fascinated the folks of the mountain regions, who's music until then did not know a comparable instrument. Since there are no trees growing in the high plateaus of the Andes, the Indios had to improvise: they substituted the wood for the body of the guitar with the body of the armadillo and thus invented the Charango. The Charango bears some resemblance to the baroque guitar: both instruments have double strings, and the shape and playing technique is similar as well.

Today the Charango is a commonly used accompanying instrument in the South American Andes. Diego Jascalevich developed a new, melodic playing technique for this little harp like instrument. For the ensemble "Gocharan Projec" a sound never heard before evolves, equally rhythmic, full of temper an lyric.